Gaining Goal Clarity

Over the last two years I have noted that of the sales people I have personally trained, about 60% list “goal clarity” as one of their top two areas for personal growth.  That usually surprises the Vice President of Sales in their organizations.  “After all, they have their sales goals clearly spelled out.”  Well sales goals or quotas work for some, but to be motivational, at least some goals have to be personal, too.

“Goal clarity” is having clear written goals (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time framed), which are read daily, or at least several times a week. 

We are finalizing our 2009 goals (a little late — but better late than never), and I am seeing some additional factors that are making this exercise vital:

1.  Each personal goal relates to a specific organizational goal.

2.  Each begins with the statement, “I can make a difference by:” and writing in what I can do to help with the organizational goal.

3.  Description of the goal.  Not “sell more to current clients.”  But “Identify ways to assist three current clients purchase an additional $100,000 total in services by December 31, 2009.”  Or “I am mastering the use of the telephone every day by writing down the objective of the call, thinking from the viewpoint of the client or prospect, and, within 30 seconds, giving him/her a monetized or solution oriented reason to continue our conversation.”

4.  Initial review meeting (by phone) with my manager, then a monthly report on goal progress, either in writing or by phone, or both. 

5.  Regular updates or revisions of the goal as data becomes available, or results are clearer.

The key to all this is regular review of the written goals.  Without that step, the goals more easily become defused and pushed into the background or overtaken by the trivia of our days.  For more on the goal achievement process, click here.


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3 Responses to “Gaining Goal Clarity”

  1. Todd Schnick Says:

    Mark, as a former student of yours, goal clarity was my (is my) biggest weakness. But thanks to your course, I am making great progress in improving this skill! Thanks!

    Todd Schnick

  2. Says:

    Great piece of writing! i like it very much its very informative and Really thanks for sharing out.

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