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Thoughts of “Spring Training” for Integrity Selling® Clients

April 18, 2011

     A few years ago a client of one of my colleagues, Harriet Butler, spoke at the Integrity Solutions National Meeting. His first name was Tom.  Recently retired as a VP of Sales and in his early 50’s, Tom was a multi-millionaire from his sales management success. He told us two things that stuck with me, and that I want to share with you.

First, he “lived with” the Sales Congruence Model.  Each Monday at 6:30 AM he invested a half-hour reviewing the five dimensions of the Congruence Model.  He asked two questions:

1.  What took me out of congruence last week?

2.  What do I have to do this week to get back into congruence?

After listing his congruence issues, and what to do about them, he had his weekly 7:00 AM call with his Region Managers, and their discussion was the same.  Then at 7:30 AM, each Region Manager had the same congruence discussion with his or her sales team.  As a result every person in Tom’s sales organization remained congruent and highly effective at growing sales.

The second thing Tom told us was that he conducted Integrity Selling® for everyone in his organization every year in March.  He called it “Spring Training.”  If you were in your tenth year with Tom, you participated in your tenth Integrity Selling®.  If it was your first year, it was your first time, but there were people there with you, earning six figures, enthusiastically doing the same exercises.  His metaphor was simple.  Professional athletes have spring training every year.  They go back to the basics of their sport and practice, practice, practice.  Why, Tom reasoned, would it be any different for professional sales people?

So here is my challenge to you – conduct Spring Training every year.  Maybe it’s not in the spring – and maybe you call it something else.  Here are four tools to help you:

1.  If you are certified, like Tom, you can simply do the full Integrity Selling® program again.  You purchase Participant Manuals only for new people.

2.  Even if you are not certified, there is a “sales managers review course” which is a download from the web site.  The script is also behind the sixth tab in the Integrity Selling® Facilitator’s Manual.

3.  There are great tools for an individual to use, as well as for a manager to use in coaching, in the “Diagnostic and Prescription Section,” Tab four, of the Integrity Selling® Participant Manual.

4.  Of course, the Performance Accelerators are also part of the Facilitator’s Manual, and every Participant Manual contains the two blue CD’s with the six Performance Accelerator audio messages.

Integrity Selling® is probably the most robust behavior-development solution you will ever use.  The content is timeless, and every year each of us is at a different place in our lives, able to learn new substance that we were not ready to absorb before.  “Use it or lose it.”

Call me with your questions or comments about these ideas.  Mark Walker.  678-794-1195